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Beating Burnout

A recent report from Deloitte found that 57% of employees working in corporate today said they are thinking about leaving for a job that won’t make them feel so burned out.

The interesting or maybe sad part about this statistic is your job isn't what is making you feel burned out. And the worst part is - if you go to the next job or role it won't fix it, you are just as likely to feel burned out.

So what should you do?

First, understand where burnout truly comes from by checking out this blog post.

And second, take these steps to start to heal yourself and beat burnout:

  1. Prioritize self-care: We're not talking about a one-time spa treatment (although we are big fans of a spa day!) what we encourage you to do is set a reasonable amount of time each day - start small 5 - 15 minutes - to prioritize your own self-care on the DAILY! What and when you do this is based on what is best for you. For me, it's my morning routine of gratitude. And even if I'm too busy to sit down with my coffee and write in my journal I at least go through what I'm grateful for in my head while brushing my teeth. No extra time needed! For you this could be an evening walk, yoga, 5 minutes of silence, reading a fiction book for pleasure - you get the idea - whatever YOU enjoy and will give you an opportunity to CREATE THE HABIT of putting yourself first. Because if no one has told you lately you deserve it!

  2. Shift your Perspective: So often we give our power away by blaming our boss and companies b#$%hing and complaining with whoever will listen. We think this "venting" is helping us but the reality is you are wasting your precious time and all it does is make you feel worse. Use that time to actually get something done of value or do a little self-care!

  3. Seek out connections: Who you spend your time with matters and finding a community of people that will help you rise up and get unstuck is so empowering and fun.

After taking some time to put these three actions into motion, if you are one of the 57%, you'll be in a MUCH BETTER place to DECIDE what is BEST FOR YOU!

We've been transformed by taking these steps and want you to feel the same.

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