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About US

We are women who have spent our careers learning how to show up as authentic leaders and  decide how to grow in the corporate world without getting lost to the corporate world. Now we are on a mission to share that expertise, with the goal to close the corporate leadership gap for women by teaching them to unapologetically win as themselves.

Molly Kurth

Maybe you can relate, as I describe myself as a driven, accomplished and yet still striving leader who wants to find a way to lead, without feeling like it is always a sacrifice of something.


While my career achievements looked like success from a distance, I also kept searching for a way that I could tap into what I have affectionately called my 'passion purpose'. That purpose? To help women leaders own their space with confidence, find their path to sustainable success and have some fun! 

In 2019, I decided that after being on the periphery of that purpose, I would invest in it and I signed up to be a certified coach. Little did I know that I would meet Val and that we would embark on the passion purpose project together!

My most favorite part about being able to lead in a corporate role and build this company is that I am learning alongside incredible women every day and finding myself practicing what I teach on the regular. Lifelong learner is a badge I wear proudly!


When I am not working, I enjoy being in the world, from exploring national parks to experimenting in the kitchen and playing in the garden. I also love spending time with my wife on the property we built from the ground up. I am most proud of accomplishing the role of rockstar aunt to my 19 nieces and nephews and soaking up the joy they bring into life. 


Valarie Vest

Like you, I wear many hats…

I’m an accomplished corporate leader in the financial  services industry, a self help junkie, wife to an incredibly supportive husband & mother of two beautiful daughters.

For the last twenty five years I’ve been managing all of these roles to varying levels of success, or at least that is what I told myself. In reality, I often felt guilty at work for not being the mom I should be, or the leader I wanted to be for my team.

Then in 2019, one year into a dream position at a new company and new city, I heard the words, “you have cancer”. These words set me on a course of learning that has truly transformed my life.

Cancer didn’t happen to me - it happened for me - and today I’m a much healthier version of myself.


Most importantly, I know I can do anything. I became a certified coach, where I met Molly, and together we are on a mission to show you how to move from good to great in your career using tools you can ultimately leverage in all aspects of your life.

Through this journey I’ve learned I have the power to create anything I want in this life I’ve been given. I want to share that same power with you.

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