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  • Nearly 50% of women in corporate America plan to leave within the next two years.

  • More than one in four women are contemplating downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce completely.

  • Women are looking for freedom, flexibility, recognition, more money, and opportunities to leave a legacy.

  • The cost to replace a senior-level leader can be as much as 213% of their salary.

So, How DO You Reverse the Trend?

Confident Woman

We believe it starts with investing in women and getting them to opt in and opt up in your organization.

  • Are you losing talented women in your organization?

  • Are you trying to figure out how to engage and retain women leaders? 

  • Are you struggling to offer solutions that meet the needs of women in your organization?

  • Are you challenged to retain diverse talent, especially at higher levels of leadership?

  • Are you willing to consider that the old way of doing things need to change?

  • Are you ready to be innovative and invest in women in their development as leaders?

What if we told you that you that you can reverse the trend of women opting out and retain diverse, talented leadership in your organization?


What if we could show you how you can invest in women and get them to not only opt in, but opt up with you?

We know how to get there because we have been there. We both built careers in the corporate world and know how critical it is for companies to invest in women. We did not want to abandon our corporate careers, but we needed those careers to better achieve our goals of growth, flexibility, opportunity and impact.  We are on a mission to stop the exodus of women in corporate leadership because we know that when they stay on their terms, everyone wins.  


Our program will help your organization:

  • Invest in women who you cannot afford to lose

  • Develop next-level leadership skills 

  • Support women in showing up as authentically them

  • Define mindsets that create sustainable growth

  • Impact retention, engagement and business results

If you want to start achieving different results, we are ready to help you. 

This business solution will engage women leaders in defining their goals and priorities, aligning their focus to what matters most and gives them the tools to implement the strategies for themselves and their teams. 

And, the best part? This is not a project-based training, so the skills and tools that we teach are available to use again and again as they grow their careers. 

Virtual Team Meeting
We are ready to Teach a better way.

And we know it is better because we have been in corporate leadership for decades and we have applied our training to our own careers and seen the impact. We have worked with women in various industries and seen how they transform their leadership and come away with a mindset for success. 

If you are ready to stop repeating what you have always done and consider that it is time to try a new approach to reverse the trend of women leaving their corporate roles, we are ready to help you. 


Participants will engage in 12-week learning course where we teach a bold new framework for mastering mindset and achieving goals to support opting in and up in your organization. And the best part is we teach your leaders to achieve this with authenticity and confidence.

Stop waiting. 

You cannot afford to lose more talent.



Val and Molly are experienced corporate leaders who are on a mission to help companies reverse the trend of women leaving corporate leadership and create tools and strategies that get them to stay and grow with you.

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