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The Truth About Burnout

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Do you feel burnt out?

Do you believe that in order to excel in your career or "make it" to the next level you need to work harder? To hustle?

We're here to show you that this is a misconception and there is a different way, dare we say even a better way.

Let's start with what really allows you to excel in your career. Results and value. Not effort.

And in fact, the more value you create, the less effort it takes to create that value. And the more you use your brain to plan, the less energy and effort you will need to put into your job to create value.

Burnout is caused by three things:

  1. stressful thinking

  2. poor planning

  3. scarcity mindset

Burnout comes when you're trying to outrun negative emotion, It comes from trying to trade this moment for a future better moment. And that, friends, never works.

The only think that changes your emotions is changing your mindset, the way you think.

If you feel burnt out, the answer isn't to just rest. The solution is to plan more.

Plan more and then do more (including rest).

We teach women in corporate how to leverage their own mindset to build a career that fits their goals, and that drives higher engagement and value at work without having to always be working.

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