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What's the best shortcut?

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam, wondering how you get out of it? Every year, we drive south for some time away and invariably, through the mountains, we find ourselves in a traffic jam of tourists and what is often an overheated vehicle or small fender bender that blocks movement for what feels like forever.

So many times, we take an exit, thinking we can navigate around the issue (side note, there are not really shortcuts through the mountains!) and find ourselves going so far out of our way, but also feeling like we achieved something because we kept moving. Never mind that the route we are on is taking us longer than waiting in place, we put on some good music, take in the scenic route and convince ourselves that we found a way around the stall.

When we tell everyone the story of how we got there, there are invariably laughs about the wrong turn, the little town we landed in, hoping they had a gas station or the line of cars that clearly had the exact same idea as we did. We conveniently leave out the extra time that it took us, the backtracking we had to do to head the right direction and the stress we created by choosing to keep moving.

Recently, this story came up and had us reflecting on how it applies to many decisions we make, outside of actual traffic jams. How often do we find ourselves seeking a solution that will keep us moving, which can feel really productive but is actually keeping us stuck? What if we decided to stay in the traffic jam and take different actions from that place? Could we get farther faster, even while we are standing still in that moment?

Getting unstuck requires us to make choices and decisions that are more than just moving us, they are decisions that are moving us in the direction we actually want to go.

While the decision to 'just keep moving' can create some great stories and fun memories, learning how to take action from where we are, even when that action feels like we are staying stuck, can actually be the key to finally getting unstuck.

If you are ready to get unstuck, we have a free course for you, Get Unstuck, which you can download here. While finding shortcuts sounds like it is easier and maybe more fun, figuring out how to really get unstuck will change how you achieve your goals and take action so don't wait - download the course now and invest 20 minutes in finally taking action to get unstuck!

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