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What if we all did this?

As I write this, it is International Women's Day, and I am seeing posts and reels and stories and comments across social media, with companies and individuals and groups posting about their appreciation, pride, support and celebration of amazing women. It is so incredible to see and yet it had me wondering: what if we all did this not as an event but as a regular action in our lives?

what if we all did this not as an event but as a regular action in our lives?

I had the chance to be at an event celebrating incredible women leaders this week and while we were out for some fun, another woman approached us and asked who this group of women were. She shared that she came to the spot all the time and had seen all sorts of groups use the space, but this was the first time she saw such a diverse, beautiful group of women and just had to ask about us. That moment made me realize that people are paying attention, even when we think we are not doing anything remarkable, and representation matters.

When I began to think more about that moment, I started thinking about how we often stay quiet, hold back from calling attention to ourselves or even telling someone the impact they have. We wait for the perfect moment to share a photo or a story or a comment, and in that desire to strike the right tone, or find that moment, we miss so many other opportunities to celebrate the awesomeness that is in front of us, whether within ourselves or those around us.

As women, we have all been there - don't be too much or too little of anything, and in trying to figure out what we are supposed to be, we can forget to be exactly who we are. I would love to see a world where we don't wait for the event that celebrates us to celebrate us, or where we think that we have to reserve our gratitude and appreciation for the moment that calls for it.

What if we showed up and recognized and appreciated and celebrated and supported women in meaningful and impactful ways every day? I cannot tell you how many women I have heard say "I did not know I mattered", "I did not know that I was making a difference", "I was ready to go somewhere else until I had this moment", and on and on. How do we step into authentic conversations and support women on a regular basis?

We are in a moment of opportunity, and I think for many of us, we are seeing the moment of transition happening, where the platitudes and annual celebrations are not cutting it anymore. We want to see real engagement, real opportunity, and real conversation about what is important, and to hear how we are making an impact and how we are being the difference.

I hope that next year on IWD, I can share how I have changed my little corner of the world and how you have changed yours so that we can stop celebrating without real action and commitment to making an impact.

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