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Seasons of change.

We are in full-on fall season around here and it is a spectacular one. Vibrant fall colors on the trees, sunshine and blue skies with crisp air, perfect fire pit and football days, apple orchards and, out where we are, happy deer grazing around our property at dusk. Honestly, we have been reveling in it a bit. Soaking up the outdoor hikes, walking around the cities we are exploring and finding reasons to enjoy the moments of this season.

It is also the first time that we (Molly + Val) met in person, which seems crazy, as we are so connected and have been building things together for the last two and a half years. It was one of the coolest experiences to meet in person, because it felt both like we had already met and as though we had completed the circle. We were both reminded of how important connection is, and how building connection creates an energy that really nothing else can compete with, at least in the realm of our experience!

One of the things that we have been navigating this season is the idea of change and, just like this classic fall season, we are full of vibrant energy about what is coming for both of us in our careers and in our company. We did not always love change, seeing the scary parts of it and focusing on the things that are hard and unknown and scary about change. Yet, through our connection to each other, we have shifted into a space of embracing change, and dare we say, actually looking forward to it a little!?!

The shift into the mindset has not been overnight, and it is still not unusual to find ourselves feeling scared, overwhelmed, uncertain or downright resistant to what is happening. The difference is that we have learned how to allow all of those feelings, not try to chase them away, or shove them down in hopes that they disappear. When we allow ourselves to fully feel our emotions, and to recognize that they are often important signals for us to pay attention to, we can be more open to seeing their value, instead of judging their worth.

We also think the best part of this shift is that it has created space for us to really thrive and find the abundance around us. We have been able to tackle projects that felt hard and challenging, we have been able to recognize when our egos are getting in the way of making an impact and we have been able to find pathways that created better results for us, our teams, our organizations, our relationships and our company.

As you consider what seasons of change might be around you, what do you see as your opportunity to embrace and explore? Drop us a comment to share what you see and how you might approach it with a different perspective this season!

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