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More in common than we realize...

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

We have been hosting some really great conversations through our Corporate Women Connects over the last couple of months and one thing has really stood out to us through all the conversations. As many different positions and industries that have been represented through these conversations, we keep hearing the same questions come up for women:

  • what's next and how do I figure it out?

  • how do I take control of what I want?

  • am I ready for what's next?

These questions come up over and over again and, while we have read the research and seen the stats, hearing women talk about these opportunities and challenges has reminded us of the power in community.

In the conversations, we see women lifting up each other, helping point out the power in what they bring, showing them their unique value and encouraging them to own their goals and outcomes. It does not matter if those decisions are in finance or engineering or hospitality, what matters is having a circle of women who understand what we are feeling and also know that they have felt (or are feeling!) the exact same way.

It is a powerful reminder that we have far more in common than we think and that when we leverage the strength and power of that, we really are unstoppable. And, as we continue our mission to help women figure out how to breakthrough their own barriers, we are excited to continue to build this community and create more opportunities for women to engage, connect and tap into the energy and power of the community.

If you are interested in joining us for the next roundtable, send us a quick email here and we will get you on our list!

We cannot wait to help even more women empower each other and themselves to achieve their goals!

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