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Implementing an Innovation Mindset

You’ve heard it before: innovation is the key to success in business.

We believe innovation also holds the key to success in all other aspects of your life.

Want to improve your health - you need to innovate.

Lead your team at the highest level - you need to innovate.

Improve your relationships at work and home - you need to innovate.

Rise to the top of your field - you need to innovate.

Yet, despite massive investments of time, money and willpower, many of us often fail to reach our goals, dreams and true potential. We often find ourselves stuck. Heck even when we find success, we still know there is "more", but find it difficult to get to that next level and sustain innovation. We aren’t that much different than companies like Blockbuster, Kodak or Yahoo.

Just like in business, the problem with efforts to improve innovation is rooted in the lack of a truly effective strategy and plan. We frantically go about our days and routines, unconscious of the beliefs that are holding us back. We find it difficult to take risks, worry about what others will think, and fall in line with societal norms instead of being the disrupters we are capable of and, frankly, our world needs.

What does innovation mean in the day-to-day? How do we as leaders, moms, partners, and friends develop a mindset, an innovative mindset, that generates the results we want in our life?

The same way we do it in business.

Implementing a Mindset of Innovation

Step 1: Improve your thinking

The adoption of an innovative mindset has to do with the implementation of small incremental changes (think habits) that pave the way for continuous improvement and growth. But you cannot do this without strategic planning.

Start by REGULARLY getting your current thoughts, beliefs and goals on paper. You want to know where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

If you want help getting started check out our Be A Better Leader Guide, it takes you through the beginning steps to help you create your innovative mindset.

Step 2: Align yourself with other innovators

I saw this quote last week on the socials - “you can’t change the people around you but you can change the people around you” which was such a great reminder of what we can control.

It’s important to bring together and have access to other professionals focused on living and leading at the highest level. A place where you can share challenges, get ideas and surround yourself with innovation.

Step 3: Be willing to try and fail

There has never been a great innovation that worked on the first try. Think about it - electricity, airplanes, smartphones - we have them all today because of failure.

Have the courage to do the work, take action and keep trying. Failing to act guarantees you will stay where you are.

Step 4: Invest in you

Time, money and priorities. Investing in you is not just about dollars - it is about your time, your focus and your energy. Know what you want to invest in and create a plan that does just that.

Schedule time each day to do the work that an innovative mindset needs and deserves. Invest in personal development that stimulates you, challenges you and shows you what is possible. And know your priorities and commit to taking action.

Step 5: Cherish innovative ideas

That dream you have inside of you, that goal you want to achieve…you have it because you are capable of achieving it. You have it because you are an innovator. Don’t push it away and settle for what is.

An innovative mindset can and WILL get you there.

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"Schedule time each day to do the work that an innovative mindset needs and deserves." Scheduling this today. Wise advice!

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