Give Your 1:1's a Makeover!

Updated: Jan 17

If you lead a team you probably have 1:1’s with them.

1:1’s are important for you and those you’re meeting with. They give you an opportunity to answer questions, get status updates, discuss development and ultimately build a relationship.

The most powerful 1:1’s move beyond the list and to do’s and allow you to really understand the mindset of your team members.

We’ve used The Mindset Equation to create a 1:1 template that will transform your relationships, teach you how to lead as a coach and ultimately drive productive outcomes.

Yes, all of this from a simple 1:1!

Here’s The Mindset Equation 1:1 GROW formula:

Goal: What are you working on?

  • This simple question allows you to get to what they are focused on and working towards.

Reality: How’s it going?

  • With this question you will get at the beliefs and attitudes.

Options: How would you like to see this resolved? Or How would you like this to move forward?

  • This question allows you to get at the desired outcome, and start to move past any limiting beliefs or attitudes that may have come up in the previous question.

What: What will you do next? Or What is your next step?

  • You’ve just coached them through a situation and helped them determine their next actions. Commitment to action is always higher when they are part of the solution.

Finally, wrap up the conversation by asking how can I help? This ensures that the actions you take are in service to your team.

Give these 4 simple questions a try during your next 1:1 and see how it transforms the conversation, drives better outcomes and ultimately builds a stronger relationship.

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