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Are you Ready to Shatter Your Ceiling?


Are you a successful Female Corporate Leader Who is Asking yourself if it is time to opt out?

  • Are you tired of feeling passed over, unseen and unheard?

  • Have you been working harder and harder and yet you are still right where you were?

  • Can you relate to missed birthdays, working on vacation and watching video replays of your kid in their game?

  • Do you find yourself wondering if this is worth it? 

  • Have you googled how to get ahead without burning out?

  • Do you lack the confidence to show up as authentically you at work?

  • Are you ready to opt out of the corporate world?

What if we told you that you don't have to opt out to get exactly what you want?


What if we could show you how to opt in, shatter your ceiling and achieve your boldest goal yet?

We know how to get there because we were you. We knew we wanted more and we did not want to leave in order to achieve it. But once we figured it out, we knew we had to help every woman we could figure it out too. 


We learned the hard way that:

No matter how many promotions you get,

No matter how many leadership trainings you attend, 

No matter how many hours you put in at the office...

Until you deal with your mind drama and figure out what YOU actually want...

You’ll always be searching for what’s next and feeling like you have to achieve more.

If you want to learn how to take control (hint: you don't need someone else's permission) and breakthrough what's been holding you back (no, it's not your boss!), we want to show you how.


And, the best part??? It does not require you to work more hours, sacrifice your life outside of work or try and be someone other than authentically you!  

Are you ready to shatter your ceiling? 

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We Can Teach you a better way.

And we know it is better because we have been on the journey to "have it all" and reach the goal, only to wonder is this really it? Am I really where I want to be? We've taken every assessment, signed up for every free course (and several not-so-free ones too!), participated in every leadership opportunity, only to find ourselves staying stuck right where we were, wondering what more we could do. 

If you are ready to stop chasing the what if and really decide what you want and how you want to get there, we have exactly what you need.


We've created a blueprint to master your mindset and define your goals so you can achieve your boldest goal yet. And, it's designed to be used over and over again to get you the results you want and live the life you love.


You will blow your mind with the insights, tools and resources you learn in this course. What you learn will define your path to achievement with clarity, confidence and, best of all, you will create results that have felt like pipe dreams for far too long!

Stop waiting. 

Your Goals are Ready FOR YOU.



 Val and Molly are experienced corporate leaders who are on a mission to help women leaders in the corporate world win by showing up as unapologetically themselves!

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