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Pebble Beach
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The Secret Ingredient to Accelerate your leadership


The Collective is the secret ingredient to accelerating your leadership through meaningful connection with women leaders. It is a dynamic space to explore ideas and challenges and a place for you to add more tools to your leadership box so you can navigate the challenges of growing your career and achieve success on your terms.


You have built a successful career and are seeking a space where you can explore what's next, talk honestly about issues like burnout and career stalls without the water cooler gossip. This is your space to explore the challenges of your work with trusted advisors who are navigating the same challenges as you.   


In The Collective, you will find the power of your voice, the value in your leadership and the resources to step into your space with confidence and clarity. With access to monthly workshops, live coaching with experienced women leaders and a community of trusted advisors to bounce ideas off of, you will excel in your role and redefine your leadership success.

Invest in YOU

We created The Collective to be both accessible and a valuable investment in your growth.

The cost is $79/month, or $799/annually, which is less than your daily coffee stop to invest in you and discover the power of accelerating your leadership. We know from our own experiences that this investment returns dividends for you and your goals.

Why The Collective


When we were in the midst of our career changes and promotions and new opportunities, we realized that we had to ditch the "go it alone" mindset if we were going to find sustainable success.

The more success we achieved, the more clearly we saw the impact and importance of having other women leaders to connect with and collaborate on our leadership.


Connections that were independent of the organization allowed us to truly explore ideas and approaches that created greater success for us and our companies. The Collective is designed to be that space for you.  


We distinctly remember moments in our careers where we did not step up with our ideas and there were two things that were holding us back:


Fear and Uncertainty.

Now, the truth is that we still experience fear and uncertainty - we don't know any great leaders who have learned how to avoid them. Yet, we are thriving in our careers and putting so many ideas out there - so what changed?


We used our trusted advisors to help us explore the ideas, refine the message and gain greater confidence about sharing the ideas. That's how The Collective is going to ignite you and your ideas! 


We’ve seen firsthand with our clients and in our own careers the impact when we owned our confidence, discovered our strengths and developed our network of trusted advisors.

We created MORE success, we found MORE time, we learned MORE, we failed MORE, we took MORE chances and we figured out we needed to reach MORE women with what we learned.


So, we are on a mission to help women like you accelerate your leadership and thrive in your careers, without having to sacrifice what's most important to you. That is the kind of growth we can get behind and help make a reality for you.

Digital Book

Monthly Content

  • Each month we'll go deep on a new topic such as:

    • Self-Confidence

    • Imposter Syndrome and its Superpower

    • Navigating Promotions and Career Success

    • Intuitive Eating

    • Sponsorship in the Workplace

    • Mindfulness and Mindset 

    • Difficult Work Relationships

    • Creating Habits that Stick 

    • Figuring Out What's Next

    • Beating Burnout

    • Goal Setting for Success 

  • Monthly Coaching, with certified coaches

    • Deeper dive into your questions and where you need support ​

  • Connection to your community 24/7 through a private community channel

  • Access to on-demand tools and resources that you can apply at work and at home 

Coaching for your results

As part of The Collective, you have access to live coaching calls each month, where you bring your key topics and questions to our certified coaches, and they work through them with you. 

If you are aiming to be at the top of your game, just like elite athletes, having a great coach is an integral component of your success. Having coaches is one of the single most important things we have done for our own growth and success, and we know the power of that tool in our toolkit, so it was a non-brainer to make it part of The Collective. 

Think of coaches like a bridge for your thoughts - we help you connect where you are to where you are going, and we walk alongside you through the discovery process.

Monthly Content

Trusted Advisors

The Collective community is your circle of trusted advisors. This is about more than mentoring or building your networks. This is about finding the people who you can have hard conversations with and who can help you talk through the tough decisions and difficult challenges you are facing at work.


They are trusted advisors because they have been there (or are there right now!) and they are not personally invested in your company or your workspace so they can bring objective, insightful perspectives forward for you to consider. 

At your level of leadership and success, it is critical that you create a circle of trusted advisors to help you continue to grow as a powerful leader. 

Trusted Advisors

Investing wisely

You are your best asset. Your knowledge, your leadership and your competencies are what got you to where you are. And, just like we have to exercise our muscles to keep them strong or fuel our bodies to keep them performing optimally, we have to invest in our leadership and professional growth to continue to achieve our desired advancement. 

We know there are competing priorities every day for where you spend your dollars and your time, and we also know that our single biggest return on investment has been when we invest in ourselves. The tools and resources that you will gain in The Collective have impacted us both professionally and personally and we use them on a regular basis to ensure we continue to achieve success, on our unique terms. 

Think of this investment as your gym membership for your mind and career - allowing you to learn, grow, shift and explore what you want to achieve as a leader and then watch it return dividends throughout your life! 



Pebble Beach


Being in a group of women leaders, where I could explore ideas and tackle challenges that I was faced with in the business allowed me to better assess ideas, consider alternative perspectives and ultimately get to better solutions for the business. 

Pebble Beach


Connecting in this space gave me tools to manage how I showed up as a leader, and impacted my own growth as well as the growth on my team. Finding a group of women leaders who challenged me redefined how I approached leadership.

Pebble Beach


This work was a pivotal point in my life where I got unstuck and was able to see a clear path forward for my life. It gave me the tools and confidence to step into my big goals and take action on building my future. 

About Us

We invite you in to get to know us and why we are on this mission to accelerate women's leadership in the corporate world!

We are so glad you are here and cannot wait to share our stories and help you accelerate your leadership. We are both senior leaders in corporate roles, having advanced our careers over the last 2+ decades and want to share everything we have learned to help women accelerate their leadership, on their terms and without the career stalls, burnout and lack of support that can often happen as you continue to climb the ladder of success.

Valarie Vest and Molly Kurth 

Co-Founders, Lead From Intention

Fellow accelerators

Avid learners

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