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Seeing is believing!

I have so many different pairs of reading glasses. I seriously love them.

Why? Because the whole entire world looks hopeful through these lenses. Because I believe---that your experience of life (and at work) is all about how you see.

In fact, people who don't understand me very well call me a pollyanna and say that I must see things through rose-colored glasses. To which I say, YES! And it is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself---CHOOSING to see the world in a way that fuels me.

It's more than rainbows and unicorns though, it's a belief that I am in control of my attitude and reactions to the world around me.

And here's what I've learned in my own life from these many variations of readers---you get to choose how you see.

You don't always get to choose what happens in your life, but you get to choose how you see it.

This way of seeing changes everything.

Do you need new glasses? Perhaps, if you have ever....

Had that nagging feeling of lack of purpose because all you do is go from meeting to meeting?

Or maybe resentment toward your coworker that talks a good game but leaves you doing the work?

How about the comparison and judgement when someone else gets the promotion or title you want?

What do you create for yourself when these are the lenses you view your co-workers, your company and your job?

Want to stop that cycle? Want to make true, lasting change in your life?

Borrow my glasses. No, really, they'll be adorable on you.

Things change when you change the way YOU see the world.

BELIEVE that you can see things differently.

Think that's impossible for you?

We promise you, it's not.

Helping women see differently is our superpower.

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1 Comment

Tracy Daly
Tracy Daly
Apr 28, 2022

Yes! - This. Taking control where we have it is all we can do, and it really does make a huge difference in our experience.

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